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So you want to play batman? Never fear- here is an easy “what do I need”


Rules are free, here:

Though Endalyon did a printer friendly version which is searchable and a bit easier to read:

These rules are a bit outdated, unfortunately. We’re currently working with KM with making a more up-to-date printer friendly version. The differences from the above “Basic BMG” and the printed version are listed here:

Ordering the rule book will just get you the exclusive miniature. But to learn the game, that’s not necessary.

The game is fun and balanced. I don’t think you need to spend 600 Euroes on what you want, especially if you don’t know if you want to play. I spent about $100 CDN on Watchmen for a complete faction and about $130 for Black Mask between all his goons and Free Agents. I think buying Batman and Joker to start will be good in hooking new players. Joker is the easiest faction to play and Batman lets you play as Batman.

They’re working on a Marvel vs DC game, but right now it is Batman.

This is the best army builder so far:

Legal models for the game would be there. So, toy around with a few builds and buy those models. Starting game is usually 150 points, while the standard game is 300 with some popularity for 350.

Here is a list of potential starting Armies:

Scenario Cards
Strategy cards



Obviously, some models are required for BMG. For players just starting out, the “starters” actually make terrific, self contained crews for players starting out

Beginner Tips for Assembly if you’re new to hobby miniatures

Sewers, lights, objectives- the official lamps and sewers are great. Objectives can be printed tokens or empty bases

Dice- AT the VERY least- 6 dice per player PLUS one of a different color (for collateral)- if you are using dice as action tokens- 30+ dice are a good number (any d6 cube is great)

Tokens- ~30 blood and stun tokens, and something for status effects (knocked out, grabbed, crouched, shock, blind, etc- paper works fine)

Counters- if you are NOT using dice as action counters, glass beads or some other maker in great supply (30+) would be great

Measuring tape- WITH CM

A table- 90cmx90cm, terrain can be a broad set of options, but should have a MINIMUM of 4 different areas that are at least 8cm high and can hold a model (for batclaw)

If you live in North America, we have The Store which sells everything you need for Batman and more!

and thats it- Good luck!


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