New to Infinity? Understanding Profiles

Wargames have a lot of text. Infinity is a game chalk full of exceptions which means you’ve got a lot of reading to do. Each Infinity Profile has, at a minimum, thirteen stats you need to know. If you’re new, learning what all of the rules text means has got to be boggling. I have a screen shot from Army 6′s Hector. He has a lot of stuff going on, you’re not sure if any of those numbers mean anything or what all of those text is. You’ve played games before so the Points Cost is no stranger, but what’s up with the SWC? I choose Hector as a more complicated example but even I think it’s illustrative.


Aleph’s Hector has a lot going on…

Lets get the numbers over with when looking at an Infinity Profile:

  • MOV – Movement – First number in the Profile is how many inches a model moves in its first move, the second number is if the model moves a second time in its turn. 4-4 is average; 4-2 is lowest; 6-4 is fast; 8-8 is the highest it gets. Continue reading
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Knight Models Marvel Game Reviews

Reviews because there are two games that need to be discussed.  The “Spider-Man Game” and the “Marvel Universe Game”.  The Spider-Man Game is street level fighting in the Marvel setting while the Marvel Universe is at a much more cosmic power level.  Full disclosure, I haven’t had the chance to play the Spider-Man Game and I only have one game of Marvel Universe under my belt. The reason why I feel like I can review the Spider-Man Game is that it is a re-skinned Batman Miniature Game. I’m fine with that, I like the elegance of the original system. In fact, I’ve even updated the Batman Wiki to include Spider-Man Traits.

My feelings towards the two games are apprehension in the case of Spider-Man Game and dislike of the Marvel Universe Game. Here’s why:

Marvel Spider-Man 3 Symbiote

I’ll Admit the Usage of Spider-Man 3 is Unfair

The Spider-Man Miniature Game is pushing for a much higher model count than the Batman Miniature Game which instantly puts a bad taste in my mouth. I understand that as a model company your job is to sell models but I thought the idea was to make me want to buy, not instantly force a large commitment. If you look at the Spider-Man Game with a Batman paradigm, all of these models look incredibly expensive points-wise which makes you believe that the game is designed to have as few models as possible. The game is designed to be played at 500 points. That’s 150 to 200 points more than most play groups can manage with Batman! Continue reading

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Batman Miniature Game April 2016 Releases

Batman April Releases. Click on images to enlarge them.

Batgirl_Animated Batgirl_Animated_Card

I really like the Animated Series versions as they’re the version of Batman that I really first watched, I like seeing the aesthetic come to life and grace the board. I also like that they’re clean, immediately understood figures instead of rules bloated monstrosities. Trust me, doesn’t last with this release. Continue reading

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Lonely Artichoke’s Complete Tohaa N3HS Spoiler

The Lonely Artichoke has the full and complete spoiler for N3 Human Sphere Tohaa, here.

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Trolling Through 4Chan: Infinity HSN3 Spoilers

If you’re looking for Corvus Belli’s N3 Human Sphere spoils, here are a bunch. I trolled through 4Chan so you wouldn’t have to. I’m sure Human Sphere is hitting the shelves shortly but taking a peek never hurt.

HSN3 Spoilers

Accurate Depiction of Going Through 4Chan

Random N3 Human Sphere Spoils:
– iKohl got a buff, it now is part of an order. This combines into silly things with Camo/ODD: i.e. If I iKohl+Camo move into melee, you get -3 Camo and -X (3 x Level) if you declare shoot.
– Mechanical Transformation occurs at the beginning of the Order like Stand Up/Prone. Su-Jian got way better.
– Muyibs got a huge upgrade Sectorial-wise as across the board profile-wise they got No.2. They’re a Link Team that won’t drop.
– Dogged no longer cancels Link Teams, so Muyibs are super resilient link.
– Tohaa get more Pokemon abilities.
– Surprise Shot L2 is a thing, enjoy more -6.
– Guard and Protheon are now leveled abilities like Martial Arts.
– Natural Born Warrior lost Courage but I’m going to assume that’s just added to all the NBW profiles. NBW either gets a massive CC boost or you negate all CC Skills (which is a counter to iKohl now)
– 0-Visibility Smoke got renamed to Eclipse. Yay, less confusion.
– Specialist got renamed to Specialist Operative.
– Chest Mines: Disposable 2. They can be added to a Shoot roll for Twin Fire; i.e. Combi AND Chest Mine. They can be used in CC to give +3 CC. OR If lose a CC combat, they detonate all their Chest Mines on any opponents in CC with them.
– D-Charges now detonate on the turn you place them if used in CC but you have -3 CC. Still, vast buff over N2.
– Electric Pulse stuns for 2 turns and is no longer a roll but automatically a result of 7. If your opponent loses the FtF from this 7, full turn paralysis!
– New Weapon: Red Fury: Molotok Ranges, B4 D13 Shock.
– Pulzar: I think this is going to replace the Nanopulser.
– Pitcher: I think this replaces the Marker.
– Biometric Visor: Anti-Impersonation. On PanO only model.
– Ghazi Mutts got Smoke Grenades and didn’t increase in cost.
– BrandoCastro’s Meta-Agility has been removed, they’re using both Climbing+ and Super Jump.
– Metachemistry L2 has fewer options but they combine abilities, i.e. BioImmune and SuperJump, NWI and Arm 2, etc. (These aren’t actual examples, lost track of where that was but to give you an idea)
– Asawira now BTS 9
– Voronin, the HVT, is also playable model: 21 pts, BS 11 Rifle plus Assault Pistol. Guard 1, Strategos 1, SS2, can be Lt.
– Basic Uxia got point discount, Assault Pistols stayed same I think.
– Haris got a .5 SWC discount across the board. Haris on Asawira now free because only Haris profile is Spitfire.
– Hafza gain HRL
– Muyibs have 11 profiles!!!! Panzerfaust nolonger costs SWC. Gained a FO.
– Basic Barid now 14 points (16 before). Barids have two different Hacking devices with Special Programs.
– Reverend Custoders got 2 new profiles with Assault Hacking Devices with Icebreaker.
– Nomads got a unit called Taskmaster, me gusta name. ARM 5 Heavy Infantry with Fireteam Duo, Free Agent (You can swap between Battle Groups before Orders are calculated at the beginning of your turn) and lots of heavy weapon profiles: BSG, HMG, Red Fury, HRL.
– Gecko BTS 6
– Morlock CRAP loadout now 8 points.
– Hector in Aleph: BS 13 2W HI with NWI, Plasma Rifle or Spitfire. MA4, Kin2, Strategos 1, X-Visor. 71 with Rifle, 70 with Spitfire plus lots of stuff.
– Devabots now have different names to say what they do: i.e. one with Repeater, one with Albedo, etc.
– Albedo is a skill that lets you set up White Noise somehow.
– Proxies now have Mk 4 and 5. Mk4 HI with HMG/HRL; Mk5 MI with NWI Mk12 Marksman X or Dual SMGs FO.
– Devas now have 3 Lt. Options. Basic Lt, Devabot Lt or Sensor.
– Proxy Jumper no longer dies if host dies, need to kill each body.
– SuJian Fireteam Duo
– Shikami JSA HI with Super Jump, Climbing+, Dual AP DA CCW, ODD, Kine2, MA3, Specialist. 47pt Combi, 45 with Contender and Assault Pistol. This just screams fucking awesome.
– Karakuri gained Haris profile
– No one plays aliens, skipping that. And I don’t care for PanO. So… Done!

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Maybe Not Dead

For a variety of reasons I stepped away from Crits Kill People for five months. I still do get random emails from people asking what’s happening so I figure why not ask?

I’m thinking of starting up again, probably not focusing so much on Batman and Infinity. Perhaps covering other games. I see that people do find value in the articles I write so I’m wondering if more random theory is more beneficial for them. It’s sad when the spam bots have changed their tune to “Hey, you don’t update so often maybe you should Google this way to make content.”

Thanks spambot.

Let me know if you’re interested in more, even if it isn’t specifically for either game right now.

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Video Batrep- League VS cops

Thanks to 1+ armour!

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BMG FAQ update

The BMG FAQ has been updated!

maxresdefaultCheck it out here-


Some major highlights-

Introduced some new rules like Gas, and anti-tank

Some changes to one shot gun and hypnotize.

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Build your BMG lists! (BMG-BUILDER)

In conjunction with Hapotte and Knight models- we are happy to announce a band builder!

We are still tweaking a few things- but we want to put it out to you guys as soon as possible!

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.36.52 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.36.52 AM

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November New Releases (BMG)

With a brand new website- KM has dropped some surprise new releases!

First of all- a New joker-

35DC105_JOKER_KILLING_JOKE_ml35DC105 Continue reading

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