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N3 Human Sphere is Here

Corvus Belli has updated Army 6 to have Human Sphere in it. They’ve also released a Mobile Beta online and working on getting an Android app out soon. Tinkering around, looks good! Infinity Army Mobile Then there’s a N3 Human … Continue reading

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Maghariba Guard Spoiler from Corvus Belli’s YouTube

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Ariadna Spetsnaz HMG

Stumbled across an HMG totting Ariadnan Kazak Spetsnaz, figured everyone who plays a manly-man faction would want to prepare their wallets. Screen Grab from this Guerrilla Miniature Games YouTube.

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New to Infinity? Understanding Profiles

Wargames have a lot of text. Infinity is a game chalk full of exceptions which means you’ve got a lot of reading to do. Each Infinity Profile has, at a minimum, thirteen¬†stats you need to know.¬†If you’re new, learning what … Continue reading

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Lonely Artichoke’s Complete Tohaa N3HS Spoiler

The Lonely Artichoke has the full and complete spoiler for N3 Human Sphere Tohaa, here.

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Trolling Through 4Chan: Infinity HSN3 Spoilers

If you’re looking for Corvus Belli’s N3 Human Sphere spoils, here are a bunch. I trolled through 4Chan so you wouldn’t have to. I’m sure Human Sphere is hitting the shelves shortly but taking a peek never hurt. Random N3 … Continue reading

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PanO’s Boogeyman – The Horrific Hexas

Hexas are the most interesting PanO unit. Infinity is a game of murky grey legalities. No one is the good guy, everybody does what’s necessary. Until the Hexas was released, PanO was the exception. Every single piece of propaganda about … Continue reading

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Restructuring Crits Kill People

I have’t written in a while for a variety of reasons. House fire explosion, Internet destabilization to the point of having to switch companies and drama working in the film biz. I haven’t forgotten about you guys and apparently you … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi Soldier Novels – Wishlist Wednesday

Sometimes, you want to dive a bit more into the escapism that is our wargaming hobbies. In the case of Infinity, it could be looking towards different movies or reading manga. I’ve covered Science Fiction books that were similar to … Continue reading

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The Kakistocrat’s Defensive Theory – Theory Thursday

Part of my duty as a writer of a wargaming blog is not only to bring up good points but also to preserve knowledge. I’ve seen too much forum gold to away, never to be found again. With Crits Kill … Continue reading

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