Special Traits

Special rules (TRAITS) are exceptions to the basic rules and always override these. To execute one of the special rules the character must have it (see Character Card) and fulfil all the requirements and Action Counters costs.

Action Counter costs usually are indicated in parentheses next to the name of the rule description. If a Trait has a cost, it must be paid before the ability can be used. If a Trait has no cost, it is always in effect.

If a rule does not specify when it can be used, it is always in the character’s turn, unless is a passive rule, which can be be played during the opponents turn.



The BMD of this Character is 12cm.

The Character does not need to spend any extra MC to Move through a Difficult Obstacle, Difficult Ground, Jump or Stand Up.

The Character may Move through Small Obstacles if it has enough Movement to be placed on the side.

The Character may Move through other Characters, but cannot end its move on another model.

The Character has Dodge.


At the beginning of your Raise the Plan Phase, you must declare Move, Attack or Defence for this Character. Until the end of the Round, the Character receives +1 to the chosen Skill.


A model with this skill may use a Titan, Venom or Vertigo dose belonging to a friendly character in base to base contact, as if it were his own

Affinity to: (character)

If (character) is included in this Crew this Character may be included regardless of Affiliation. The Rank of the Character becomes Free Agent.


When this character Falls, they may make an Agility Roll, If they Succeed, they take no damage, and are not Knocked Down.

Air Support (3 SC)

Place a 10cm Explosion Template in the Play Area. Until the end of the Round, Targets within the Template are Illuminated.


This Character does not spend MC to Move through Difficult Ground: Water.


This Character has Acrobat, Climbing Claws, Super-Jump and Reflexes Traits.

Arachnid Sense (2 SC Passive)

When declared a Target, prior to the Hit Roll, gain +1 Defense. Cannot be used against Characters with the Symbiote Trait.


Do not Deploy Nite Owl during Crew Deployment of Game Setup. Instead, once per game during Raise the Plan, Place Nite Owl anywhere on the Play Area not within a building.

Arkham Aslyum Dr. (1 SC)

Once per Round, All Friendly Characters with Mental Disorders within 10cm Assign an Action Counter to Movement, Attack or Defence.

Arrest (1 MC + 1 SC)

Remove a K.O. Character as a Casualty in Contact by spending 1 MC and 1  SC.


This Character must be have the highest Reputation in the Crew.

Attorney’s Allegation (2 SC)

Once per game, every Two Face Affiliated Henchman located within 30cm Assigns two Action Counters.

Assassin /X

If this character kills an enemy Boss, his side immediately gains an extra X Victory points.

Autorepair /X

Roll a dice for this model in the recovery phase, on a result of X+ remove any one damage counter on this model.

Aversion to: (character)

This Character cannot be in the same Crew as (character).

Bat Armor Mk1

Each time this Characters receives a Hit, after Blocks, Pings and Dodges; roll a die. On a result of 5+, discard the Hit.

Bat Armor Mk2

Each time this Characters receives a Hit, after Blocks, Pings and Dodges; roll a die. On a result of 6+, discard the Hit.

Bat Armor Mk3

Each time this Characters receives a Hit, after Blocks, Pings and Dodges; roll a die. On a result of 5+, discard the Hit.

If this Character makes a Special Attack: Sneak Attack, they may assign Melee Hits to targets up to 3cm away. All of these Hits are considered Sneak Attacks.

Bat Cape (1 SC Passive)

When this Character Falls, they may spend 1 SC to avoid being Knocked Down and taking Falling Damage.

Batclaw (1 SC + 1 MC)

Instead of using their BMD, a Character may spend 1 MC and 1 SC to use a Batclaw. A Batclaw must be used to travel to or from an Object that is at least 10cm high and Place the Character. A Character cannot use a Batclaw to Move further than 30cm. Draw a straight line, that would fit the volume of the Character, between the Character’s starting position and finishing position. This line must be free of Obstacles, Characters and solid Terrain Elements.

The model may ignore objects in volume contact with the starting position and with the final position when tracing a straight line if the object is no more than 3cm thick. The model must still have Line of Sight to at least one point of its intended final position for its volume. Ignore all Traits that improve the model’s Line of Sight, such as Total Vision.

As a reminder, Batclaw uses all of a Character’s BMD; however, the Character may use MC to Move before or after this Movement.


This Character has a BMD of 30cm and a base “size” of 60mm. This character cannot run, jump, climb, cross difficult obstacles or enter the sewers. During the raise the Plan phase, this model may be replaced with a DKR Batman (anywhere in the old model’s footprint), transferring all damage and effects to the new model.

Bodyguard (1 SC Passive)

If a Leader or Sidekick receives any number of Hits, while within 5cm of this Character, the Bodyguard may receive the Hit instead.

Bonebreaker (1 SC)

Until the end of the Turn, Unarmed Attacks have CRT: 2 Blood Damage.

Boss’s Orders (2 SC)

Once per round, while within 20cm of this Character all Friendly Affiliated Henchmen in this character’s Crew gain +1 to Hit Rolls in Melee.


This Character does not Recover Stun Damage or from K.O. during the Victory and Recovery Stage.

Firearm, Mechanic and Beam Weapons Damage this Character on a 4+.

This Character cannot use any Doses.

This Character is Immune to Enervating, Hypnotize, Poison, Terror and Scared Effects.

Bot Bomb (2 SC)

Once per Round, this Character can Choose a Friendly Bot to explode. Place an Explosion Template on the Chosen Bot. Every Character touched by the Template is Automatically Hit., roll a 4+ Damage for 2 Blood Damage. Remove the Bot as a Casualty.

Bot Mechanic (1 SC)

Once per Round, Target Seen Character within 10cm with the Bot Trait has 3 Damage Discarded.

Bluff (1 SC)

Once per round, Target a Seen Character within 10cm. The Character’s Attack Skill is reduced by 1 to a minimum of 1. Bluff is not cumulative.

Play nice!

All Affiliated Henchmen in this Character’s Crew gain the Bluff Trait.


This Character may reroll the Collateral Die.

Bulletproof Vest

Weapons with the Firearm Trait 4+ to successfully Damage this Character.

Bullet Time (2 SC)

Once per game this model may fire two different ranged weapons during his activation. Each attack must be paid for (2 AC each) and each attack consumes ammunition as normal. This model does not lose ROF when moving during the turn he uses this skill.

Business Agent

Add $300 to the Crew‘s Funding.

Can you Solve this? / X+ (1 SC)

Once per Round, this Character may Place a Friendly Clue Marker in Contact if they spend 1 SC and roll a X+.

A Clue Marker must be placed outside of either Player’s Deployment Zones and more than 10cm from any other Clue Markers. No more than 5 Friendly Clue Markers may be Placed.

A Character in Contact with a Clue Marker may Remove the Clue Marker from the Play Area with Manipulate.

At the start of the Victory Points and Recovery Stage, Score 1 VP for each Friendly Clue Marker in the Playing Area.

Canary Cry (2 SC)

Place the Spray Template in Contact, as if using an Expansive Weapon. All Characters affected by the Canary Cry must pass a Willpower Roll or receive the Stun Effect and 1 Blood Damage.


If this Character is ever in Contact with a  K.O. Character, Cannibals must make a Willpower Roll. If they fail, so long as they’re in Contact with a KO Character, the Cannibal gains the Devour Trait, can do nothing else until they Devour the K.O. Character. Once the Cannibal is no longer in Contact with a K.O. Character, they may act normally.

Devour (2 Action Counter Passive)

Target K.O. Character in Contact is Removed as a Casualty.

Catcher Gear

Ignore the Weapon Trait Heavy/Tough.

Chain of Command

If this crews boss becomes a casualty, this model gains the leader rank. If more than one model in the crew has this trait, the owning player may choose which  model gains the leader rank.


1 Free Agent for every 100 reputation points may join the Character’s Crew, instead of 150.


Melee Attacks fail To Hit this Character unless the Attacker passes a Willpower Roll.

Chill Touch

Unarmed Attacks of this Character deal 1 Blood and have CRT: Cooled.

Chlorokinesis (1 SC)

Once per Round, Target a Character with the Plant Trait within 10cm of Ivy. Place Ivy within 10cm of the Target Plant.


Special Attack Charge costs 1 SC.

Clayface is Immune to the Steal Effect.


The Character’s Unarmed Attacks produce Blood+Stun Damage.

Climbing Claws (1 SC)

This character does not need to spend MC to Climb and Climbing Movement is not Impaired.  If a Character with Climbing Claws spends 1 SC they can finish their Movement while Climbing. Clearly indicate the height of the Character.

Close Combat Master

When fighting Unarmed, the Character reroll any number of To Hit dice.

Combo With: Weapon/Unarmed

For every 2AC spent using the Combo: Weapon/Unarmed, this character gets 3 Strike Dice that may be distributed on different targets as per normal.

Commissioner (1 MC)

Arrest by spending only 1 MC.

Combat Flip (1 SC)

You may remove this model from base to base contact with an enemy, and place it anywhere within 5cm of the original enemy. This skill may only be used once a turn.

Concealment (1 SC + 1 MC)

Until the end of the round enemy models can only see this model if they are in base to base contact with it. This ability works even when the character is within the area effect of Light. This character can still be seen by models with rules that enhance their own LOS (total vision, night vision etc)

Confusion (2 SC)

Once per Turn, Target a Seen Enemy Character within 20cm. Reduce the Character’s Attack and Defence by 1 and they cannot use SC. These effects last until the end of the Round.

Control Pheromones (3 SC)

Target a Seen Enemy Character within 10cm, the Target suffers the Effect Hypnotized.


You may Recruit up to 3 Law Force Affiliated Henchmen.

Counter Attack (1 SC Passive)

For the rest of the Turn, for each Hit this Character successfully Blocks, this Character may immediately make one Strike against the Attacker.  All Strikes generated this way must use the same Weapon. Resolve Counter-Attack strikes before the original Attack (if the Attacker is KO or Casualty, the rest of the Attack is ignored).

Court of Owls Crew

This Crew can only hire Characters with Court of Owls Affiliation.

Coward’s Reward (1SC)

Until the end of the round, when an enemy model in base-to-base contact with this character wishes to move away, it must first pass an Agility roll or suffer 1 (B) damage.


Once per Game, the Character gains +1 Willpower if they K.O. or Casualty an Enemy Character.


All Enemies within 30cm of this character lose the Runaway Trait.

Cruel (2 SC)

Remove a K.O. Character as a Casualty in Contact by spending 2  SC.


+1 to Block and Recovery Rolls.


If this model makes a ranged attack at an enemy more than 20cm away, his weapons gain the Imprecise rule.

Daddy’s Grrrrl

If this Character Activates within 10cm of a Friendly Joker Leader, Assign one AC.

Death or Exile! (2 SC)

Target Seen K.O. Character within 20cm is Removed as a Casualty.


Once per Game, gain 1 VP if Casualty an Enemy Character.


Target Seen Character within 20cm removes two Action Counters unless they pass a Willpower Roll.


This character cannot make recovery rolls, or test to wake from KO


For each Detective character you have in your Crew, you can cancel an opponent’s Pass at the beginning of each Round.

Detectives may reroll Riddle Objectives.

Demoralize (2SC)

All enemy henchmen that can see this character lose 1 Action counter of their owning player’s choice.

Demotivate (2SC)

You can remove any 2 Action Counters from a target within 20cm and Line of sight unless the target passes a Willpower roll.

Direct Connection To The Speed Force

This character can reroll paradox results

Dirty Fighter

This Character’s Ranged Weapons have the Weapon Trait Light.

Dirty Money

If a character with this trait is the boss, his crew gains $300 extra funding

Disruptor (2 SC)

Target 1 Enemy Character within 40cm and in Sight. Roll a die, if the result if more than the target Defence, the target cannot use Ranged Weapons with Firearm or Beam Weapon Trait until the end of the Round.

Dissarray (1 SC)

Once per Turn, reallocate Two Action Counters of a Seen Enemy Character.

Discourage (2 SC)

Once per Turn, reduce the Willpower of a Seen Enemy Character by 2. This effect last until the end of the Raise the Plan Phase of the next Round.

Distract (1 SC)

Once per Round, reduce the Defence of Target Seen Character within 10cm by 1, to a minimum of 1 until the end of the Round. This effect doesn’t stack.

Dodge (1 MC Passive)

When this Character is Hit by a Ranged Attack, they may spend 1 MC to attempt to discard Hits. Each MC spent allows an Agility Roll, each success discards a Hit.


This model may reroll failed hits in close combat, providing he is only in base to base contact with a single enemy

Echolocation (1 SC)

Until the end of the round, this character gains the night vision trait and is immune to the Smoke effect and the Sneak attack Special attack.


All sources of Illumination within 10cm of this character are cancelled.

Elite: Type

Your Crew can only include 1 Elite character of each Type.

Elite Boss: Type

Your Crew can align any number of Elite characters of the type indicated.

Elusive (1 MC Passive)

Spend 1 MC to get +1 to Defence against Ranged Attacks until the end of the Round. This effect doesn’t stack.


This model can reroll damage rolls against models with the Cybernetic, Bot and Robot traits, and against models with the vehicle rank

Energy Field

When Hit by a Ranged Attack, roll a d6. On a 5+, ignore the Damage.

Enhanced Vision

This character can see any distance, and ignores the concealment trait. this character is immune to the blind effect.

Escape Artist

This Character ignores Special Attack: Grab.

Experimental Ammo

This Character’s weapons cannot be reloaded with AMMO Crate objectives

Expert Marksman (1 SC)

Targets of this Character’s Ranged Attacks have a -1 Penalty to Ping! Rolls. This effect doesn’t stack.

Exhaustive planner

During the Game Set up– You may cancel one opponent’s Strategy as it is played (like the Snitch Strategy)


This model does not give out VPs when KO (it still awards VPs if it becomes a casualty)

Explosive Gel

If a character with Explosive Gel Manipulates a lamppost, Sewer Marker or urban furniture place on it a Gel Marker. During any subsequent round this character can destroy the selected item and remove it from the game spending 1SC.


Can reroll MC used to move.

Fear Master (1 SC)

When using Inspire Fear, all Character Targets within 10cm are affected as a Gas Attack.


May Close Combat Push without spending SC.


This character gains +1 to hit when using Close combat: Grab

Feint (1SC)

Target a single enemy model in base-to-base contact and make an Agility roll . If it is successful, the target loses 1DC.

Flak Armor

This character is immune to Damage caused by weapons with Explosive and Expansive Weapon Traits.

Flare (1 MC, One Use Only)

Discard the Flare to Illuminate the entire Play Area until end of the Round.

Fly (1 SC + 1 MC)

The basic movement distance of this Character becomes 30cm until the end of the turn. This character can move in any direction, including elevation changes, but the model’s base must be able to sit flat at the end of the move. He can move across other character models and difficulty ground without extra cost or penalty. He may not perform any other special movements during the same round as Fly.

Flying High (1MC+3SC)

When this ability is activated, remove this character from the board and set it to one side. In the next Raise the Plan phase, place this character anywhere on the table, as long as the model’s base physically fits in the new position. This ability may be used only once per game.

“Follow Me!” (1 SC)

Once per Turn, Assign 1 MC to Friendly Henchmen within 10cm.

Football Gear

Ignore the Weapon Trait Heavy/Tough and Sharp.

Force Field (1 SC)

Target Friendly Character in Contact with this Character gains a +4 Ping! until End of Round.

Gas Mask

Gas Damage and Traits are ignored.

Get ‘Em! (1 SC)

Target Friendly Henchmen within 20cm and Line of Sight may immediately spend 1 AC.

Goad (1 SC)

Target 1 Seen Enemy Character within 20cm, they must make a Willpower Roll. If the target fails, move the Character 5cm , during this Movement you can’t force the target to Fall or spend any Action Counters.

Goblin Serum

This Character can reroll failed Endurance and Agility Skill Rolls.

Good Aim (1 SC)

This Character ignores the Aim Weapon Trait of Ranged Weapons.

Green Travel (2 SC + 2 MC)

Once per game, Place this Character up to 40cm away.


This character may only control loot and safeboxes.

Gunman (1 SC)

This Character can spend 4AC to attack with 2 Ranged Weapons at once. Each Attack consumes an ammunition magazine from the weapon.

Hacking (1SC)

Once per Turn, this Character may Allocate Two Action Counters on an Enemy Character within 20cm that has the Bot, Cybernetic or Robot Traits.


This Character does not have to spend MC to Manipulate.


The first Blood Damage Marker this character receives each Round becomes a Stun Damage Marker instead.

Hates: Affiliation

This character may not join Crews of the specified Affiliation.

Heavy Armour

Damage rolls against this Character suffer a -3 penalty.

Henchman (Rank)

You can include any number of Henchmen in your Crew. All Henchmen have the “Let’s Go!” Trait. Some Henchmen can be aligned more than once in the same Crew, this will be indicated with a “*” next to Henchman rank.

Henchman Bomb (2 SC)

Once per Game the Joker can choose one of his Henchmen. Place an Explosion Template centred on the Henchman. Roll Damage for each Character touched by the Template. On a 2+ the Character receives three Blood Damage. Then remove the Henchman as a Casualty.

Heroic (1 SC)

Target any friendly model on the board. That model gains 1 action counter of your choice. This may take your assigned counters over a characters maximum stat allowance. this trait may only be used once a turn.


After Objectives have been placed, at the end of pre-game Phase D, this Character may be Deployed anywhere on the Play Area. This Character must be out of Sight of Enemy Models and further than 10cm from any Objective. If this is not possible, the Hidden Character will be Deployed in a Friendly Deployment Zone.

If your Opponent has a Character with Total Vision, place the Hidden Character in a Friendly Deployment Zone.

Hidden Boss

When this crew’s Leader (not Boss) is removed as a casualty, this character gains the LEADER rank, and +1 Willpower until the end of the game.

Hockey Gear

Ignore the Weapon Trait Sharp.

Hover (1 MC)

This character is considered Hovering until end of the round. Denote this with a Hover marker. A character in Hover can only be hit in Melee on a result of 6+. If a Character with a Hover Maker becomes K.O., Knocked Down, Paralyzed, Pinned Down or Stunned; then they take 2 Blood Damage in addition to the Effect and lose the Hover Marker. The Character with a Hover Marker does not benefit from Ping!.

Ice Flash (3 SC)

Select a target within 20cm and line of sight. the target receives the Cooled effect. this trait may only be used once per round


Removing this Character as Casualty grants no additional VP.

Incorporeal (1 SC)

Until the end of the round this model ignores stun damage and may move through any model or piece of scenery, but cannot end its move on them


As long as this Character is in Play and not K.O., you can gain one additional Pass each Round.


This Character does not lose Action Counters from Damage.

Inspire (1 SC)

Once per Turn, Henchmen within 10cm Assign 1 Action Counter.

Inspire Fear (2 SC)

Target Enemy Character within 10cm and Line of Sight, must pass a Willpower Roll. if it fails compare the amount it failed by and resolve the effect

1 or 2- scared.  3 or 4- scared+terror 1.  5 or 6-scared+terror 2.  7-scared+terror 3.                                       8 or more- model becomes a casualty + 1vp

Instinctive Shooting (1 SC)

Until the end of the turn, this Character can use Ranged Weapons at full Rate of Fire provided an Enemy Character is within 5cm.

Intimidate (1 SC)

Target Seen Enemy Character within 20cm cannot make Close Combat Attacks unless they pass a Willpower Roll.


Worth 1 extra VP if Casualty.

Invulnerability /X

This character is immune to CRT: casualty and ignores the first X damage counters received each round.

Joy for the Victory

While this character is in play his Crew can’t be affected by the Run Away rule (they can’t flee). Also Friendly Characters within 20cm have -1 to their Willpower Rolls.


When he KOs an enemy character, flip a coin or roll a die: if the result is heads/even remove the KO Character as a Casualty.

Jump-up (1MC Passive)

If this model is knocked down, it may immediately stand up.

Kaos Agent

At the beginning of the Game, remove 1 Opponent’s die or Counter from the bag or container you use to Take the Lead. It is now possible that the Game will end before the Scenario’s Time Limit.

All the Henchmen receive the Trickster Trait.


This character’s unarmed attacks gain CRT: 3 Stun

Kevlar Vest

Reduces the Damage Markers whenever you receive damage by 1, to a minimum of 1.

“Kill Them!” (1 SC)

Once per Turn, Henchmen within 10cm this Character Assign 1 AC.

Lantern (1 SC)

If not in Contact with an Enemy Character, everything within 5cm of this Character is Illuminated.


These characters are usually twice the size of a standard human, so they are mounted on a bigger than normal base and have the following Traits.

Large Characters BMD is 12cm.

Large Characters may Run over Small Obstacles.

Large Characters Falling and Spring into the Air, receive Damage for every 10cm difference with Jump Capacity instead of 5cm.

Large Characters are Immune to Special Attack: Push or Grab and cannot be Knocked Down, unless the Attack has Large Trait.

Large Characters suffer a -1 on all Ping! Rolls. Large Characters also have the Resilient Trait and Charge Special Attack Trait.

Laser Sight (1 MC Manipulate)

Target one Character this Character can See, so long as a straight line can be draw between the two Characters, the target Character is considered Illuminated until the end of the round.

When this straight line becomes interrupted the Target won’t be Illuminated.

Lazy Cousin

The Willpower of the Character is reduced by 1 if there isn’t another Lazy Cousin in play.

Leader (Rank)

You can only include 1 Leader in a Crew and the Character must always be the Crew’s Boss. A Leader’s Henchmen within 10cm can use the “Let’s Go!” Trait without spending SC. Leaders gain the Inspire Trait and may reroll Willpower Rolls.


All friendly models within 20cm of this character may reroll failed willpower rolls

“Let’s Go!” (1 SC Passive)

At the end of a Friendly Henchman’s Turn, a Henchman that has not yet had a Turn this round may spend 1SC to attempt to “Let’s Go!”.

Roll a Die. On a 4+, the Henchman that spend the SC may immediately take their turn, without giving the opponent an opportunity to Activate a Character. If the roll is failed, no other Henchman may attempt to “Let’s Go”.

After this Henchman’s Turn, another friendly Henchman may attempt “Let’s Go”, but the difficulty is increased by one, to 5+. For each Subsequent attempt, the difficulty is increased by 1, to a maximum of 6+.

Light Armor

Damage rolls against this Character suffer a -1 penalty.

Lord of Business

If this Character is the Boss of the Crew, the Crew has $500 more Funding to spend when Configuring the Crew. The Crew may take Objective: Loot an additional time instead of another Objective.

Lord of the Sewers

Killer Croc does not count toward the limit of characters that can be in the Sewer. Killer Croc can start the game inside the Sewer but he must remain in the Sewer for at least one turn. His Crew generates 1 extra Sewer Marker.

Luck (1 SC)

This Character can spend 1 SC to reroll any die rolled for any reason. He may also cause an opponent to reroll successful Hits against them at the cost of 1 SC per Hit.

Lunatic Laugh (2 SC)

All other Characters within 10cm lose one Action Counter.

The Main Man

Lobo can’t be hired to gangs which include a female Character.

Man Without Fear, The

This Character is Immune to Fear, Scared and Terror Effects.

Magic Tattoos

This character is immune to steal and fire effects

Martial Artist

This Character ignores Outnumbered.

Martial Expert

This Character Crits on a 4+.

Master Fighter

This Character receives a +1 on Hit rolls when Unarmed.

Master Marksman

Can reroll To Hit Rolls on Ranged Attacks.


At the beginning of the game, in Phase E, add 1 die or counter of your Crew to the bag or container you use to Take the Lead.

This Character can roll two dice when solving a Riddle Objective and select one.

Maximum Efficiency

This Character must gain 3 VP by the end of the game or lose 1 VP.

Medic (2 SC)

Remove one Blood Damage or two Stun Damage from a Character in Contact. Unable to Medic if an Enemy Character is in Contact.

Medium Armour

Damage rolls against this Character suffer a -2 penalty.

Mental Disorder

The Character suffers from a psychological issue that provides them with in-game abilities.

The Trait Psychoanalyze from Psychologist have been known to be able to suppress these outbursts.

Aggressive Schizophrenia (Mental Disorder)

If a Character begins its Turn in Contact, they Assign one Action Counter and Attack a Character in Contact or take 1 Blood Damage at the end of the Turn.

Bipolar (Mental Disorder)

During Raise the Plan Phase, roll a die or flip a coin. If the result is Even/Heads, this Character Allocates one additional Action Counter. If the result is Odd/Tails, the Character loses one instead.

Bloodthirsty (Mental Disorder)

At Raise the Plan Phase if this character has at least one Damage of any kind, they Allocate one additional AC.

Obsessive (Mental Disorder)

After this Character Attacks an Enemy Character, they are unable to Attack any other Targets until that Enemy is K.O..

This Character also gets +1 to Strength against that Enemy Character.

Paranoid (Mental Disorder)

At Raise the Plan Phase if this character has at least one Damage of any kind, they Allocate one additional AC.

Pyromania (Mental Disorder)

If, at the beginning of his turn this character can see a character with a Fire Marker, he must move his full available movement straight towards the marker, unless he first spends 1 Action Counter of the player’s choice to resist the urge.

Menace (2 SC)

Until the end of the round, enemy models must spend an additional action counter to perform any attack against this model.

Mental Dominance (2 SC)

Once per turn this character can change the position of 4 action counters on an enemies character card. This character must have line of sight to the target to use this skill.


Your band gains an additional 300$ worth of Funding to spend on Equipment.

Mind Control (2 SC)

Once per round this character may choose an enemy model within 20cm and line of sight to suffer the Hypnotize effect. if the target fails the willpower roll it also loses 1 action counter of its controlling players choice.

Mind Control Device (3 SC)

Once per Turn, Target Enemy Character within 20cm and Line of Sight must pass a Willpower Roll or be Hypnotized. If the Target becomes Hypnotized, gain 1 VP.


All Henchmen of the Crew of this Character get a +1 to the roll of the rule “Let’s Go!” Trait.


When Attacking a Character who is Outnumbered, this Character gets an extra Strike against the Outnumbered Character. This Attack does not require any AC to Activate.

Moral Compass

While this Character is in your Crew, no Character may use Coup de Grace.

Mortal Kiss (2 SC)

If Ivy succeeds a Special Attack: Grab against a Character, remove the Target Character as a Casualty.

Monitoring Device (1 SC)

This model gains the total vision rule and remote controlled on his ranged weapons until the end of the round.

Multifire (2SC)

If this character does not move at all this turn (before or after attacking)- He gains +2 to the Rate of Fire on his weapons.

Multiple Combat Strikes (3 AC)

As an Attack, Attack all Enemy Characters within 5cm once.


Choose one of the following Traits while Configuring Your Crew.


Gains Undercover Trait and +1 Move in Principal Characteristics.


Gains the Hacking Trait and +1 Willpower.


Gains Force Field Trait and +2 to Endurance.


Gains +1 to attack and defense, +1 to damage rolls and the claws trait.

Natural Immunities

This character is immune to Blind, Poison and Steal Effects.

Negative Speed Force

While this character is in play, reduce the number of speed force counters generated by 2.

Night Vision

This character can See any distance.

No Mercy!!! (1 SC)

Until the end of the Round, Black Mask and all his Henchmen have CRT: Blood Damage.

Objectives? puzzles Everywhere!

This character’s crew cannot deploy any objectives during Game Set Up. This character’s crew earns VP with Clue markers.


This character has a -1 penalty to Defence Rolls.

One Shot Gun (2 AC + 2 SC)

Once per Game, make a Short Range Ranged Attack. The Targeted Character is automatically Hit with a Strength 2+, damage 3 Blood Damage and CRT: Casualty Ranged Weapon.

Order (1 SC)

Once per Turn, Target Seen Friendly Character reallocates 2 Action Counters.

Outlaw Field Commander (1 SC)

Once per Turn, Assign an Action Counter to a Friendly Target within 10cm.

Painful Empathy (1 SC)

Move up to 2 (B) damage markers from a friendly model in line of sight onto this character. If any damage marker is moved in this way, this character gains +1 to attack and defense until the end of the round. this skill may only be used once a round.

Panda Costume

This character may not run, and must spend 2 action counters to stand up.

Persuasive (1 SC + 1 AC)

Target an Enemy Character that has yet to have Turn this Round and this Character can See. Spend 1 SC, 1 AC and end this Character’s Turn, the targeted Character must immediately take their Turn.

Peter Parker’s Conscience

This Character must Pass a Willpower Roll to use Coup de Grace.

Pickpocket (1 MC Manipulate)

If this Character uses Manipulate while in Contact with a KO Character,  they Steal.


Up to 3 Plants may be Recruited per every 200 Reputation of your Crew.

Place two Seed Counters in the Play Area for each Plant Character that your Crew Recruited after Phase D Objectives. At the beginning of any Raise the Plan Stage, a Player may replace a Friendly Seed Counter with a Plant Character that has not already been deployed.

Plants may use Melee Attacks on Targets up to 10cm away. Plants Contest Objectives up to 10cm away.

Plants cannot Control Objectives, solve Riddles or Manipulate. Plants cannot Move.

Plants are Immune to Poison, Blindness and Displace unless they are Displaced by a Large Character. Displaced Plants are Removed as a Casualty.

Remove Plants as a Casualty if they become K.O.. Plants are worth 1 VP if Removed as a Casualty.

Play Nice

all henchmen in this crew who share the same affiliation with the crews boss gain the Bluff trait

Poison Immunity

This character ignores the Poison Effect.

Poison Master

To remove Poison Effect by this Character, you must roll 3 dice instead of 2 and Discarding the lowest die.

Pollution Hate

This Character Cannot enter the Sewers.

Power Armour

Ignore the first 3 Damage received after which it cannot be used again until repaired. During the Victory Point and Recovery Stage, instead of making a Recovery Roll you can use 2SC to repair the armor, making it operational again.

This armour is vulnerable to Fire Effect, so each Fire Marker received causes 2 Blood Damage.

Power Dampening (1 SC)

All models within 1cm lose the incorporeal and invulnerability trait until the end of the round.

Precise Aim (1 SC)

If this character has not moved He gains +2 to hit on his ranged attacks this turn. this character may not move after using this skill.

Primary Target: Type

Before starting the game, in Phase E, select 1 Objective of the indicated Type. When this Character Controls the selected Objective, they Score 1 additional VP at the start of the Victory and Recovery Stage.

Protect me! (1 SC Passive)

If this model is hit by an enemy attack, you may nominate a friendly character within 5cm to take the hit instead. all effects and damage will be taken by the nominated model.

Psychiatrist (1 SC)

Once per Round, all Henchmen with Mental Disorder Trait within 20cm, gain +1 Attack and Defence Skills until the end of the next Raise the Plan Stage.


This character’s Willpower is never reduced under any circumstances. This does not affect Action Counters lost from Damage.


This Character is unable to roll to solve Riddle Objectives, instead they automatically Score the Riddle for 1 VP, removing the Riddle from the Game.

This Character also gains the Psychoanalysis Trait.

Psychoanalysis (1 SC)

Cancels all the special rules called Mental Disorder of any Character he can See within 20cm.

Public Resources

This Character adds 1 Lamp Post and 1 Sewer to the Urban Furniture Rolls.

Puzzle Master

The Riddler always Scores 3 VP when trying to solve an Riddle Objective Marker.

Enemy Characters cannot reroll Riddles.

Ranged Master

This character receives +1 on Ranged To Hit Rolls with Ranged Attacks.


This model can reroll failed Lets go rolls

Rapid Fire (1 SC)

When using a Ranged Weapon this character gets +1 Rate of Fire, once per Round and even if they Move.

Reanimated Owl

This character can reroll the roll to recover from K.O. When this Character becomes a Casualty it gives an additional VP to the opponent.


This Character can reroll Agility Rolls.

Regeneration (1SC)

Once per round, during this character’s activation, they may remove one damage marker from their own card.

Reinforced Gloves

This Character’s Unarmed Attacks produce 2 Stun Damage.


This Character can reroll Endurance Rolls.

Retractable Claws

This Character’s Unarmed Attacks produce Blood + Stun Damage and have the Weapon Trait Sharp.

Ricochet (1 SC)

Once per Round, after this Character Hits with a Ranged Attack, they may make an additional Ranged Attack with the same weapon. The new Target must have Line of Sight and be within 5cm of the original Target.

Roots (2 SC)

Target a model within Line of Sight and within 20cm of this Character, the Target must pass an Agility Roll or becomes Pinned Down until the end of the Round.

Rough Vehicle

This model may not make 90* turns


This Character is Immune to the Arrest Trait.

Safe Hands

This Character is Immune to the Steal Effect.

Savage Fighter

This Character gets +1 To Hit when performing a Close Combat Push.

Scheming (”X”)

If both Players have Scheming Characters reduce the amount of Characters nominated by X. This character is in the Band that Raises the Plan first, you can always make X number of characters Raise their Plan after the enemy.


This character’s Special Characteristic is 4 instead of 3. If this character is removed as a Casualty, he is worth one additional VP.


Remove 1 Strategy Point from an Opponent.


This Character cannot be controlled by an Opponent.


This Character ignores Ping! Rolls.

Shockwave (1 SC)

all characters within 10cm lose 1MC


This character ignores the first Obstacle, Protective Item and Vehicle for Ping! Rolls.

Sidekick (Rank)

You can only include 1 Sidekick, unless you choose a Sidekick as Crew Leader. In this case you may include a second Sidekick. Henchmen within 20cm of a Friendly Sidekick may reroll the “Let’s Go!” Trait.


This character’s BMD is 8cm and receives +1 on Ping! Rolls.

Soul Armour (3 SC)

Once per game, remove 2 Damage from this Character.

Speedster X

This character can use speed force powers, and can have a maximum reserve of X speed force counters.

Speedsters have a BMD of 15cm and can climb and traverse difficult ground without spending 1MC. the character also does not consider obstacles and difficult ground impaired movement.

Speed Force Absortion

This character may steal a speed force counter from another speedster at the end of the drain speed force sub-phase. This counter may surpass the maximum counters a speedster is allowed to hold.

Speed Force Master

This character may use up to 2 speed force powers in a single turn, providing he has enough speed force counters to spend.


Enemies can only See this character if he is within 20cm. He can still be Seen by other rules like: Illumination, Total Vision or Superior Smell.

Stop! /Halt! (1 SC Passive)

Once per Round, a Character with this Trait may Activate it at any time interrupting the Activation of an Enemy Character it can see. As long as the two Characters can see each other, the Enemy Character cannot spend MC for any reason, for the remainder of the Round.

Strategist / Grand Strategist

Gets 1/2 additional Strategy Points during Game Set Up.

Street Guy

This character can use Crouch without spending SC.


This Character cannot Manipulate.


This character loses 1 Action Counter for every 3 Damage received instead of 2.

Subliminal Suggestion (1 SC)

Target a Character with a Mental Disorder within 10cm, Move the Character up to 10cm. During this Move, you cannot force the Character to Fall or spend Action Counters.

Super-Jump (2 MC+1 SC)

During a Move, the Character may Move Vertically 20cm Up or Down at no penalty. This Movement does not count as part of a Basic Move.

Superior Hero, The

Cannot hire another Character that costs more than 120 Reputation.

Superior Smell (1 SC)

This character doesn’t need an uninterrupted straight line to See his target. Anything within 40cm can be Seen even if the target is not under the effect of Light. He is also immune to the Blind effect.


All attacks made by this character have the Magic weapon trait


When you would Remove this Character as a Casualty, roll a die. On a 5+ the Character Discards 1 Damage, remains in the Playing Area Knocked Down.

Sustained Defense

This character receives 3 Defence Dice for every 2 DC spent against an Attack.


This Character has Claws, Climbing Claws, Feral and Regeneration Traits.

This Character ignores the Arachnid Sense Trait.

Sonic Traits or Fire Effects double the Damage done to Symbiotes.

“Take Cover!” (1 SC)

Once per Turn, Henchmen within 10cm this Character Assign 1 DC.

Take Down (1 SC Passive)

When this Character causes a K.O. with an Attack, you may spend 1 SC to Remove the K.O. Character as a Casualty.

Taunt (1 SC)

Choose 1 enemy within 20cm and line of sight, you may move up to 2 of their Action counters into Attack.


During this Character’s Turn, this Character may use X Action Counters of the Friendly Character with the Teamwork Trait within 10cm, as if it was their own.


This character receives +1 to his Attack and Defence values when he has at least 1 Damage Marker.


Run by spending only 1 SC.

Titan Addict

You can use a Titan Dose more than once per Game, but no more than once per Round. If, at the beginning of your turn, this character can See a Titan Container Objective Marker, he must move all the character’s available movement in a straight line to the Titan Container Objective Marker. You can resist this by spending 1 Action Counter of your choice.

Titan Dose (One Use Only)

If a character has a Titan Dose he may use it, in the Raise the Plan Phase, if Titan Dose is used, the character obtains +1 to all values Principal Characteristics during this Round. A Character can only use one Dose during the game, a second Dose is lethal.

Total Vision

This character benefits from the Night Vision Trait. In addition, his Line of Sight can cross any Obstacles or terrain element, although you cannot shoot through these elements, unless the weapon has Remote Control.

Total Vision forces Hidden Characters to Deploy within their Deployment Area.

Tough Skin

In Damage rolls against this Character, always subtract -1 from the result.

Tracking (2 SC)

At the end of the Victory Points and Casualty recount phase, this Character can move up to 2D6cm.


At the beginning a Character’s Turn, they may reallocate all of their Action Counters.

True Love: (Character)

If the True Love: character and this character are in the same Crew and the True Love: Character is removed as a Casualty, then this character gains +1 Willpower and +1 Attack until the end of the game.

Typical Parker’s Luck

When Peter Parker uses any Webbing Trait or Weapon, roll a d6. On a 1, the Attack or Trait fails.


This Character is Immune to Effects except Knock Down and Smoke.


This character can deploy up to 20cm outside the Deployment Area after Phase D Objectives.


His SC can be used for any trait, Skill or Special Rule, as a wildcard. These Counters do not count the maximum allowed for the characteristic used.

Unstoppable (1 SC)

Each Strike the Character makes this Turn requires 2 successful Blocks to successfully Defend.

Venom Dose

character gains +1 strength and can reroll unarmed damage rolls during this round. A Venom dose must be used during the raise the plan phase and may only be used once. a character may not use more than 1 dose a round.

Vertigo Dose

character gains +1 Willpower and can reroll failed Willpower and Agility rolls during this round. A Vertigo dose must be used during the raise the plan phase and may only be used once. a character may not use more than 1 dose a round.


At the start of a Character’s Turn, they may Reallocate two Action Counters.

Vulnerability to: Fire

Each Fire Marker received causes 2 Blood Damage to this character.


Rank is Free Agent and Crew can only consist of models with Watchmen Trait. Ignore Run Away. Ignore Leader requirement.


This character loses 1 Action Counter for each Damage Marker accumulated rather than every 2 Damage Markers.

Weakness to Cold

If this character receives the Cooled or Freeze Effect they also receives a Blood Damage as well.

Weapon Master

This character receives +1 on melee To Hit Rolls when they are not Unarmed.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Characters in this Crew cannot use Coup de Grace. This Crew does not gain VP for Casualties.

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