New Flash Spoilers- Strategies!

Hey Everyone!


Today we have an Awesome Sneak Preview at some of the new rules from the new Flash and Arrow book


New Strategies!

The New book comes with TONNES of new strategies- making the Pregame sequence MUCH more interesting and challenging. Some strategies are now FACTION SPECIFIC, meaning that there are restrictions on who can take what, and what to expect from an opponent!


First, some of the more generic Strategies, helping more efficient mobility and deployment- as well as a few ways to manipulate your opponents’ henchmen and objectives:

Strategy 1

Some, Like the Road warning signals have been already seen- but some other new strategies, Like Sewer maps, and Public ResourcesĀ modify or improve the urban scenery.

Strategy 2


Tomorrow, we have some FACTIONAL objectives, that may only be taken by a certain band. Many of these are Strategies that affect the game as a whole.

What do you think? What are your new favorites?

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3 Responses to New Flash Spoilers- Strategies!

  1. Mik Calow says:

    Nice to see some alternative strategies.

    The Vandalism and Objective Trap look like fun.

    Looking forward to seeing some Faction specific ones, and of course the release of the book itself.

  2. Splax says:

    I hope KM will make a deck of card whit the strategies printed on them.

  3. Hi guys!

    Adding new strategies can be awesome, and it make more tactical the pre-game phase. Now that I have read them carefully, I have some doubts about them:
    -Rapid Response Training: That extra MC can exceed the number on the card? I guess the word “bonus” is the key
    -Fake Objective: I assume that 1 VP less is subtracted each round. I have this doubt because the second part states “at the end of the game instead”, and I don’t see its benefits for 3 points if it only is applied at the end of the game.
    -Road Way Signals generates me a doubt, what happens if both players put a lot of markers in objectives deployment area? They couldn’t place them then. I also have notices the word “Lamps” appears, does it mean new light sources? šŸ˜®

    Thank you!

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