New Flash Spoilers- Factional Strategies

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We are back with Part II!

today we have FACTIONAL STRATEGIES- Strategies that can only be taken by a specific band or faction.

Some of these strategies have a pregame phase of “?” – this is VERY interesting, because this means these strategies don’t need to be revealed until they are needed- so you can keep your “snitch” to counter it, but players will be holding hidden Strategy cards during game play- this will be a very new and interesting element to the game! Strategies marked with phase E must still be played at the start of phase E- before the first “raise the plan!



Strategy 1

Some Strategies (like Police Training) are a global effect on all models, so long as they are friendly, for the rest of the game.

Strategy 2

Some things to remember: For Adaptable Plan roll 2d6 for each model, and roll and move them one at a time. THe “special” sewers for Lords of Gotham are not special except that they may only be used by friendly models. A City in Fear occurs at the start of the take the lead of the Second, Fourth, Sixth and Eighth (if there is one) round. Weird Crew affects the VP value of the model, and also how rules interact with it (like Lets go, or inspire)

So, what do you think of the faction specific Strategies- will you be taking them? will you be taking snitch (or Hush) more to stop them?

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