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It’s been a while since we covered the games’ updates so this is going to be a massive info-dump. This is the 6.2 update and includes errata that’s been issued since then. I’ve updated the Wiki as well. For those looking just rules and no commentary, rules changes are in italics.


Crew Configuration

The Boss section has this line added: The Funding of a Boss is reduced to $0.

This means if you take Gordon as a Boss, his Funding cost would drop from $200 to $0. This meant that the SWAT team could actually be made without going over funding. This is also an issue with random other Sidekicks so should make Crew Configuration much smoother.

Game Set-Up

Sewers do not remove Characters from the Game. They are still counted for the purposes of calculating Passes.

This wasn’t ever explicitly stated in the Wiki so there is no word changes. It’s just been clarified here. I like this change, I always see Sewers as incredibly punitive and this makes them less so, as you’re effectively gaining a Pass while you’ve got your spelunker.

The following line has been added to Objectives: After Objectives have been placed, Players would deploy Undercover Characters, then Hidden Characters and then Plant Characters.

This was never actually codified before but I think is very logical. It’s nice to get an actual explicit statement over these special deployment characters.

The following line has been added to Loot: A Character may only carry one Loot Marker.

This I kind of understand as it lets for some ridiculous situations where Catwoman is carrying all of the luggage. This still lets you score off of two Loots but you can’t be lugging both of them around.



Vertical Jump has been added to the game with this line: Characters may Vertical Jump by spending 1 MC. The Vertical Jump is calculated by a Character’s JC.

This errata means that models may now be able to Jump up small distances if they haven’t moved. You could always spend 1 MC to hop small obstacles but this adds a lot of mobility to the basic Henchmen. Naturally, Acrobats gain massive mobility with this ruling due to ignoring Impaired Movement.

Acrobats were clarified in regards to running: Acrobats may no longer Run through Characters.

Acrobats are able to Move through Characters but there’s a line in the Movement section detailing that Characters may not Run through other Characters. I always took this as “Acrobats can move through Characters so they could run through them”. This is a clarification, the Wiki never outright stated this so this change may or may not be even a change for you.


Hypnotize has this line added: Hypnotized Characters cannot be moved so they would Fall or enter Sewers.

The biggest complaint against Poison Ivy and Mad Hatter was that it was simply too easy to cause a model to commit suicide. Hypnotize should make the character work for you in a round, not gain massive VP with suicide or huge tempo loss with the character deciding in becoming a spelunker.


Special Traits

Shooter has been updated to: This character ignores the first Obstacle, Protective Item and Vehicle for Ping! Rolls.

Previously, a Shield was not ignored by a Shooter but with this errata they can ignore it. For those who have been with the game for a while, you know that this is a reversal of the original errata (the first edition let you bypass Shields as a Shooter). The mention of Vehicle is probably to include for the fact that the Batmobile was spoiled.

Bots now ignore Terror which just makes sense. We can’t have bots that get scared. I, for one, welcome this errata as our robot overlords should be fearless.

One Shot Gun has been changed to: Once per Game, make a Short Range Ranged Attack. The Targeted Character is automatically Hit with a Strength 2+, damage 3 Blood Damage and CRT: Casualty Ranged Weapon.

The change of making a One Shot Gun a Short Range Ranged Attack means it follows all of the rules of Ranged Attacks. Pings could be applied, Line of Sight is required, you couldn’t be within 5cm of an enemy. For those who haven’t played with One Shot Gun previously, it just had the requirement of 20cm meaning that the Joker could shoot through a wall and then re-roll that Collateral Die from complete safety. This change is one that the community has been clamouring for for a while.

Large gains the following line: Large Characters may Run over Small Obstacles.

This is a massive change! It was always weird that an Acrobat could ignore these Small Obstacles while the big lumbering guy couldn’t hulk smash his way through the obstacles.




Random Errata for characters:

Worker: Reputation changed to 21 (from 18)

Pavilian B Subject: Gains Fast

Echo: Gains Brutal

Bane AO: Gains 1 Vertigo Dose

Deadshot: Change Name to Floyd Lawton

Lobo: Gains Reinforced Gloves

Batman (Arkham Knight) and (Arkham City): Gains Martial Expert: this character causes a Critical on a collateral result of 4, 5, or 6, not just 6

Robin (Arkham City) Gains: Combo with: Bo

Black Canary: Canary Cry has the Sonic Trait

CATWOMAN AC: Gains Hate: Law forces.

I’m mostly excited with the possibilities of Martial Expert. That’s a neat ability. Lobo gaining Reinforced Gloves just makes so much sense. Black Canary’s Canary Cry stripping one Special away isn’t too game changing, as you should be using the ability on Swarms. Arkham City Robin gaining Combo with Bo may make him a little more useful in a fight.

If you’re looking to comb through the Errata/FAQ yourself, here is the link.

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