Getting into IVY- A Quick Response

Aaron Asks about IVY:
I’m looking at maybe getting into this game and having trouble deciding on what team I should try to acquire initially.
I’m interested in Poison IVY and Swamp Thing ascetically, but I don’t want to build an awkward team that doesn’t work. A lot of the free agents look interesting too. (Black Manta, Deadshot, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, etc.)
Hey Aaron!
IVY's here for ya

Apparently a real meme already……huh


“Team Green” (the Ivy/swamp thing faction) works well, but is a TRICKY faction. Not that they are hard to play, but they use (and they need to use) tricks to control the board, force advantageous positioning, and gain the advantage in play. Most models in faction have special movement abilities (from IVY’s clorokinesis, to swampy’s “green Travel”, to get around the board, escape retribution, or gain advantage in engagements), and they use them to control the board, and the flow of the game with these and other tricks.

Ivy is a faction of Expensive Leaders and Sidekicks, and fairly wimpy troops, with little midrange support. This can be very useful as the little guys hold people up, while the power-pieces clean up their controlled engagements, but can also feel outnumbered quickly in a bad situation. It only makes sense that the nature faction is about controlling the board and environment.
Remember, models play best in the STYLE of the character. IVY has never been about stand up, fair fights. She is about entangling and distracting her foes while she hypnotizes friends to attack each other. When they are weak and outnumbered, swoop in for the kill. She can be vulnerable, but if you play your cards right, your opponent will never get to her. Keep her out of sight, and remember that she can be an effective leader for henchmen (a fact often forgotten) from the backfield when going gets tough.
Swamp thing is similar. He is about harassing his targets to bring them down, and then dropping on them like a bag of hammers, only to disappear when reinforcements arrive. Swamps also has a huge battery of effective tools at his disposal to lay out the hurt, in a heavyweight package. If you can fit IVY and Swamp thing into a list, they are a potent duo, complimenting each of their strengths.
All “Bosses” have the “scientific” trait as well, which lets them assign extra WIP to SC. This means they can do more special actions in a turn, but they are also worth more VP when slain. So keep IVY out of harms way, and when she or SwampT get hurt, but them out of the fight to try to recover, because once they start to take damage, they can go down fast.
Plants, the core troops, operate VERY differently then any other troops in the game, being very flexible, but immobile, so careful planning, and setup are necessary, but they can be an unbelievable thorn in the size of an unprepared player. Plants can also be an effective Squire if you plan them out right finishing off targets your leaders have brought down.
Of course all of this can be mitigated or augmented by free agents who can add tons of other elements to the faction. Free agents with guns soak up the unused cash and give good ranged damage, or other tricksy agents can multiply the shenanigans. Characters like Black Manta (or the new Deadshot) provide an excellent form of terror to control the movements of your enemies, pushing them where you like (Towards or away from IVY)
This is a very simple/ Cheap list I quickly build on BMG-BUILDER – Basically the IVY starter plus Swamp thing. Simple, cheap, and effective. Not much of a “objective holding”, but it can be a very deadly opponent.

Honestly, I always suggest the faction you like ascetically and flavourfully first, and then make the pieces fit later. Be assured that an IVY/ Swamp Thing faction is potent, fun, interesting, and engaging to play.


Just don’t be ….rash about it……

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