Batmobile Spoiler


For those who don’t have squint-o-vision:


Minigun – Damage 2 Blood / ROF 5 / Ammo 2 / Firearm / Medium Range / Imprecise

Riot Gun – Damage 2 Stun / ROF 2 / Ammo 2 / Mechanical / CRT: 2 Stun Damage

Missile Barrage – Damage 2 Blood / ROF 2 / Ammo 1 / Firearm / Medium Range / Imprecise / Explosive

60mm Cannon – Damage 4 Blood / ROF 1 / Ammo 2 / Firearm / Anti-Tank / Crit: 2 Blood Damage




Combat Mode (3 SC): Until end of Round, this Vehicle may move in any direction, instead of just straight forward.

Heavy Armor: Damage rolls against this Character suffer a -1 penalty.

Remote Driving: Only Batman may Drive this Vehicle. For 1 SC during Raise the Plan, Batman may assign Action Counters and be considered Driving even if he is not the Driver. While Remote Driving Batman must obey all normal Vehicle rules.

Non-Lethal Ammo: When attacking Characters, all Blood Damage is Stun Damage.

Shock Armor (1 SC): Until end of Round, after an Attack hits this Character in Close Combat the Attacker suffers a Str 5+, one Stun Hit that Paralyzes. Shock Armor cannot be Blocked.

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