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Maghariba Guard Spoiler from Corvus Belli’s YouTube

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Getting into IVY- A Quick Response

Aaron Asks about IVY: I’m looking at maybe getting into this game and having trouble deciding on what team I should try to acquire initially. I’m interested in Poison IVY and Swamp Thing ascetically, but I don’t want to build an … Continue reading

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Ariadna Spetsnaz HMG

Stumbled across an HMG totting Ariadnan Kazak Spetsnaz, figured everyone who plays a manly-man faction would want to prepare their wallets. Screen Grab from this Guerrilla Miniature Games YouTube.

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Latest Batman Errata

It’s been a while since we covered the games’ updates so this is going to be a massive info-dump. This is the 6.2 update and includes errata that’s been issued since then. I’ve updated the Wiki as well. For those looking just … Continue reading

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Batmobile Spoiler

For those who don’t have squint-o-vision: Weapons: Minigun – Damage 2 Blood / ROF 5 / Ammo 2 / Firearm / Medium Range / Imprecise Riot Gun – Damage 2 Stun / ROF 2 / Ammo 2 / Mechanical / … Continue reading

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New to Batman? Selecting Models

I ran this the other day for Infinity and I think that it can be pretty helpful when you’re beginning to just be told which abilities are considered the best. Now, these don’t necessarily mean that these are the best. There … Continue reading

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Frostgrave Review

After playing half a dozen games of Frostgrave and I think it is a game needs more recognition.  Frostgrave is designed by Joseph A. McCullough, published by Osprey Gaming and miniatures are produced by Northstar Figures. Frostgrave is about a Wizard and his … Continue reading

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New to Infinity? Understanding Profiles

Wargames have a lot of text. Infinity is a game chalk full of exceptions which means you’ve got a lot of reading to do. Each Infinity Profile has, at a minimum, thirteen stats you need to know. If you’re new, learning what … Continue reading

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Knight Models Marvel Game Reviews

Reviews because there are two games that need to be discussed.  The “Spider-Man Game” and the “Marvel Universe Game”.  The Spider-Man Game is street level fighting in the Marvel setting while the Marvel Universe is at a much more cosmic … Continue reading

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Batman Miniature Game April 2016 Releases

Batman April Releases. Click on images to enlarge them. I really like the Animated Series versions as they’re the version of Batman that I really first watched, I like seeing the aesthetic come to life and grace the board. I also … Continue reading

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