Zsasz Misprint

Recently I bought the Arkham Lunatics when I noticed that my Zsasz was listed as a Henchman when he was a Free Agent. I brought this up on the official Batman Miniature Game Forum and Misty (the game creator) replied that he has been hired full time by Knight Models (congratulations!). He said that he would work full time on making sure things go to the printers correctly and there would be less misprints.

Unfortunately for all you Zsasz owners out there, Misty confirmed that Zsasz has been misprinted with Willpower 7 instead of 6. The thread in question is linked here.

It’s good that Misty is now in-house with Knight Models. Hopefully there will be less misprints and they can focus on making different, important additions to the gang.  After all, only a few months ago Black Mask was unplayable but with the release of two boxes and we’ve got another contender for Gotham’s throne.

Old Zsasz, we hardly knew ye but that’s because we’re reigning your crazy ass in.

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  1. Would be good if they could publish an errat pdf of all cards which have changed or all current versions as I think there are a few now that need updating (and the horrible blue cards binned)

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