The Ten Commandments of RVZ

Tesco on the Infinity Forums wrote this and I felt the need to immortalize the subject on CPK before it gets eaten by the forums. RVZ, in case you’re wondering is Ariadna’s Roger Van Zant. Without further ado, The Ten Commandments of RVZ.

Roger Van Zant – Studio Giraldez

1. Thou shalt liquidate thine enemy’s order pool with Roger. 

2. Thou shalt not throw RVZ against TAGs. His rifle is AP, but it’s still a rifle. 

3. Thou shalt get over the whole “M5 + RVZ” thing. It’s too complex. It doesn’t work good. There are better options. 

4. Thou shalt always give your SpecOps Chain of Command if RVZ is your Lt. 

5. Thou shalt bring an HMG Para with your RVZ Lt. At first. But thou shalt realize there are better options still. 

6. Thou shalt give added weight to taking the better board side and going second when RVZ is your Lt. No chance of turn one LoL is a beautiful thing. 

7. Thou shalt try bringing LGL Paras, Rifle Paras, and BSG Spetz with your RVZ Lt. You are already walking on in their DZ. You don’t need the HMG range. 

8. Thou shalt use RVZ to force your opponent into bad facing decisions for his troops and shoot those troops in the back with infiltrators. 

9. Thou shalt take advantage of the +1 SWC if Roger is thy Lt. Thy Tank Hunter AVA shall be maxed out. 

10. Thou shalt keep thine RVZ safe, walking him on in your DZ if necessary. 42 points is 42 points. 

Why follow these Commandments?

Erasing your opponent’s Order Pool with RVZ means he doesn’t need to worry about being put into LoL, but that’s the point of the Close Quarters Weaponry to win any FtF. Since Ariadna currently lacks Chain of Command, if you run a SpecOp they’re running with that. The Close Quarters favours Parabolic Fire from LGLs, but also Boarding Shotguns, which is exactly what Para-Commandos come packing with.


With the increased SWC, you can afford heavy weapons to take out hard targets like TAGs. Most TAGs have Heavy Flamers, so they would be willing to take a few AP Rifle hits in exchange for your Lt. So those heavy troops could be AP HMG Tank Hunters or Greys, but the point it is to have the option to take out what RVZ can’t.

Finally, the Mirage-5 (M5) + RVZ doesn’t work due to probably the most complex rules wrangling in Infinity’s current edition.  Essentially, Duroc would need to Jump with his Impetuous Order but needs to land on the same side as Margot, making RVZ’s ability pointless.  If you spend Duroc’s Irregular Order to cancel his Impetuous and then use RVZ to jump in, then Duroc cannot use his own to enter the battlefield. Furthermore, out of the pair you’ve got an Irregular and with your unusual setup you need every surviving Regular Order as possible.

I’d like to thank Tesco for permission to reprint this. It’s hilarious and informative.

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