N3 Human Sphere is Here

Corvus Belli has updated Army 6 to have Human Sphere in it. They’ve also released a Mobile Beta online and working on getting an Android app out soon. Tinkering around, looks good!

Infinity Army Mobile

Then there’s a N3 Human Sphere PDF here!

Time to seriously crack into all of the changes!

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New Flash Spoilers- Factional Strategies

Hey Everyone!


We are back with Part II!

today we have FACTIONAL STRATEGIES- Strategies that can only be taken by a specific band or faction.

Some of these strategies have a pregame phase of “?” – this is VERY interesting, because this means these strategies don’t need to be revealed until they are needed- so you can keep your “snitch” to counter it, but players will be holding hidden Strategy cards during game play- this will be a very new and interesting element to the game! Strategies marked with phase E must still be played at the start of phase E- before the first “raise the plan!



Strategy 1

Some Strategies (like Police Training) are a global effect on all models, so long as they are friendly, for the rest of the game.

Strategy 2

Some things to remember: For Adaptable Plan roll 2d6 for each model, and roll and move them one at a time. THe “special” sewers for Lords of Gotham are not special except that they may only be used by friendly models. A City in Fear occurs at the start of the take the lead of the Second, Fourth, Sixth and Eighth (if there is one) round. Weird Crew affects the VP value of the model, and also how rules interact with it (like Lets go, or inspire)

So, what do you think of the faction specific Strategies- will you be taking them? will you be taking snitch (or Hush) more to stop them?

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New Flash Spoilers- Strategies!

Hey Everyone!


Today we have an Awesome Sneak Preview at some of the new rules from the new Flash and Arrow book


New Strategies!

The New book comes with TONNES of new strategies- making the Pregame sequence MUCH more interesting and challenging. Some strategies are now FACTION SPECIFIC, meaning that there are restrictions on who can take what, and what to expect from an opponent!


First, some of the more generic Strategies, helping more efficient mobility and deployment- as well as a few ways to manipulate your opponents’ henchmen and objectives:

Strategy 1

Some, Like the Road warning signals have been already seen- but some other new strategies, Like Sewer maps, and Public Resources modify or improve the urban scenery.

Strategy 2


Tomorrow, we have some FACTIONAL objectives, that may only be taken by a certain band. Many of these are Strategies that affect the game as a whole.

What do you think? What are your new favorites?

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Maghariba Guard Spoiler from Corvus Belli’s YouTube

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Getting into IVY- A Quick Response

Aaron Asks about IVY:
I’m looking at maybe getting into this game and having trouble deciding on what team I should try to acquire initially.
I’m interested in Poison IVY and Swamp Thing ascetically, but I don’t want to build an awkward team that doesn’t work. A lot of the free agents look interesting too. (Black Manta, Deadshot, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, etc.)
Hey Aaron!
IVY's here for ya

Apparently a real meme already……huh


“Team Green” (the Ivy/swamp thing faction) works well, but is a TRICKY faction. Not that they are hard to play, but they use (and they need to use) tricks to control the board, force advantageous positioning, and gain the advantage in play. Most models in faction have special movement abilities (from IVY’s clorokinesis, to swampy’s “green Travel”, to get around the board, escape retribution, or gain advantage in engagements), and they use them to control the board, and the flow of the game with these and other tricks.

Continue reading

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Ariadna Spetsnaz HMG


Stumbled across an HMG totting Ariadnan Kazak Spetsnaz, figured everyone who plays a manly-man faction would want to prepare their wallets. Screen Grab from this Guerrilla Miniature Games YouTube.

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Latest Batman Errata

It’s been a while since we covered the games’ updates so this is going to be a massive info-dump. This is the 6.2 update and includes errata that’s been issued since then. I’ve updated the Wiki as well. For those looking just rules and no commentary, rules changes are in italics.


Crew Configuration

The Boss section has this line added: The Funding of a Boss is reduced to $0.

This means if you take Gordon as a Boss, his Funding cost would drop from $200 to $0. This meant that the SWAT team could actually be made without going over funding. This is also an issue with random other Sidekicks so should make Crew Configuration much smoother. Continue reading

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Batmobile Spoiler


For those who don’t have squint-o-vision:


Minigun – Damage 2 Blood / ROF 5 / Ammo 2 / Firearm / Medium Range / Imprecise

Riot Gun – Damage 2 Stun / ROF 2 / Ammo 2 / Mechanical / CRT: 2 Stun Damage

Missile Barrage – Damage 2 Blood / ROF 2 / Ammo 1 / Firearm / Medium Range / Imprecise / Explosive

60mm Cannon – Damage 4 Blood / ROF 1 / Ammo 2 / Firearm / Anti-Tank / Crit: 2 Blood Damage




Combat Mode (3 SC): Until end of Round, this Vehicle may move in any direction, instead of just straight forward.

Heavy Armor: Damage rolls against this Character suffer a -1 penalty.

Remote Driving: Only Batman may Drive this Vehicle. For 1 SC during Raise the Plan, Batman may assign Action Counters and be considered Driving even if he is not the Driver. While Remote Driving Batman must obey all normal Vehicle rules.

Non-Lethal Ammo: When attacking Characters, all Blood Damage is Stun Damage.

Shock Armor (1 SC): Until end of Round, after an Attack hits this Character in Close Combat the Attacker suffers a Str 5+, one Stun Hit that Paralyzes. Shock Armor cannot be Blocked.

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New to Batman? Selecting Models

I ran this the other day for Infinity and I think that it can be pretty helpful when you’re beginning to just be told which abilities are considered the best. Now, these don’t necessarily mean that these are the best. There are strong models, they might even be overwhelming models in your meta but the goal here is to make decisions simple. Less text is good in many ways, but not even understanding the words makes purchasing decisions difficult. When you want to play Batman, it’s important to understand the distinction between one or another.


So Much Text for Models – Click to Zoom

The first thing that you should pay attention to the Rank. Leader is pretty obvious, most of the time. Sidekick is where things get interesting. These models can be your Boss which means you can get another Sidekick. Two Sidekicks sounds great but they’re expensive and not usable if you have a Leader. Furthermore, buying a third Sidekick for a faction is probably inadvisable. Free Agents have limits of one per every 150 points. If you’re just starting out, be selective with which Free Agents to buy. You’ll be torn on who to use in 150, 200 and 250 point games, it is only when you get to 300 plus games where they start coming out in force. Lastly, the Affinity Special Trait turns a model into a Free Agent as long as they’re working with their Affinity. Even Leaders can suddenly become Free Agents. Continue reading

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Frostgrave Review

After playing half a dozen games of Frostgrave and I think it is a game needs more recognition.  Frostgrave is designed by Joseph A. McCullough, published by Osprey Gaming and miniatures are produced by Northstar Figures. Frostgrave is about a Wizard and his team of mercenaries plumbing the depths of a magical city to take treasure and lost artifacts. Frostgrave has a soft spot in my heart because it reminds me of 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons. First, Frostgrave uses d20s. Second, the gameplay is incredibly swingy so don’t expect a very competitive game. Third, the entire game is structured around levelling up your Wizard, so it seems to be a nice compromise with the desire to have a campaign but not have to keep track of each of your soldiers like in Mordheim/Necromunda.

The first thing we’ve got to acknowledge that this game has a Crit Mechanic and it does indeed kill people. In Frostgrave, two opposing soldiers roll their Fight or Shoot skills and then compare to determine the winner. Whatever the die result is subtracted by a model’s Armor score, which is usually 10, to determine the damage. With most models having 10 HP, it’s pretty easy to kill the opposition with one or two hits. The Crit Mechanic is whenever a player rolls 20, the amount of damage they do is doubled. So, if you have a Fight of +3, a Natural 20 results in 23. 23 minus the target’s Armour is 10, meaning that the 13 damage leftover is doubled to 26. Again, the standard HP is 10. Whoever you Critted? He dead.


No Finisher for Scorpion Against Chun-Li

Another funny feature is what I call the “Karmic Strike”. If both players result is exactly the same in Melee, they both hit each other. It is quite possible to get the elusive Double KO. I’ve yet to have the ultimate result: a Critical Karmic Strike. Continue reading

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